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Nimue Skin Technology is the fastest growing South African Skin Care brand with a footprint in over 23 international countries. Our global reach expanded by over 30% in 2011 alone.

Nimue Retail Price List

Nimue Power Cleanse

This is a purifying and deep cleansing treatment that provides an effective skin clarification.  Using steam to soften surface skin cells and to open pores, allows us to deeply nourish and feed the skin with all that it needs.  Extractions to remove congestion and High Frequency to make sure that  an anti-bacterial effect is provided as well as breaking product into smaller molecules in order to absorb deeper. 
Duration:  1h15min

Nimue Bio Active Treatment

This is an active rejuvenation treatment using 15% Bio Active ingredients to facilitate dermal rejuvenation. This treatment helps to loosen bonds between the epidermal and dermal layer of the skin to allow better product penetration and longer lasting effects. This treatment will leave the skin feeling hydrated, rejuvenated and with a glowing effect. 
Duration: 1h15min

Nimue 35% Glycolic

This is a mild chemical peel that leaves the skin feeling hydrated and has a deep exfoliating effect improving the skin texture and appearance.  This is a time dependant treatment therefor the longer it’s kept on the skin the deeper it will work into the skin. No peeling, sensitivity or down time will be experienced. A slight rosy appearance and depending on the skin type slight flaking might be experienced by the client.  
This treatment is excellent for someone with mild pigmentation; uneven skin tone; uneven skin texture; congestion; premature ageing or dull appearing skin.  
Duration:  1h30min

Nimue 7.5% TCA

This is a slightly stronger chemical peel made for someone with lines and wrinkles; scarring; acne scarring.  This treatment is a layer dependant treatment therefor the more layers is put onto the skin the deeper into the skin it will work.  With this treatment the client can experience redness; flaking and slight peeling and dryness. 
Duration: 1h30min

Nimue Bio Lacto

This is a mild chemical peel that specifically targets hyper pigmentation.  This is a rejuvenating treatment and superficial peeling can be expected.  The treatment is recommended during winter months to avoid worsened UV damage to the skin. Clients with hyper pigmentation; hypo pigmentation, melasma and cloasma (pregnancy pigmentation); inflammatory pigmentation are excellent candidates.  
Dration: 1h30min

Nimue teen Cleanse

This is a mild deep cleansing treatment without massage.  The treatment is to clean out the pores by means of extractions and to balance water and sebum production.  High Frequency will also be used to give an anti-bacterial and soothing effect.  Suitable for clients from the age of 13.  
Duration: 60 min

Nimue Back Cleanse

This treatment has the same procedure as the Nimue Power Cleanse. 
Duration:  60 min

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